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301 m
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próximo a  Whiteface, New Hampshire (United States)

Broke trail to the summit of Whiteface with Laurie, Steph, Marc, Tom and I. About 6" of snow down low and 18" on upper trails. Wore snowshoes the whole way. Saw no one until about 1/3 of the way to Passaconaway. Then it turned into a crowd. Saw about 100 people all day. The last .75 mile of the McCrillis trail to the overlooks on Whiteface is very steep. But we still beat a large crowd to the summit of Whiteface that was departing Ferncroft parking as we were spotting a car. They all reported a difficult time negociating the rock scrambles. The views from the Passaconaway ledges were as beautiful as I have ever seen.


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    Uploaded: 16 de Janeiro de 2012

    Recorded: Janeiro 2012

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