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Trail identifier (Wikiloc ID): 705339

2.935 m
2.727 m
9,19 km
Skoðað: 1940sinnum, niðurhalað: 2 sinni
nálægt  Peaceful Valley, Colorado (United States)

The FS marks this trail as moderate, but if the snow is soft it is pretty easy. Starts off following the county road with occasional views of the Divide, then heads into deep lodgepole-fir forest. Not as scenic, but well-protected from the wind which can be fierce. Plentiful sign of hare and bobcat (lynx?) in the forest. 1/17/2010.


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    Drew Smith
    • Foto de Beaver Bog - Wapiti Trail
    • Foto de Beaver Bog - Wapiti Trail

    Dificultat tècnica:  skill Moderat

    Coordenades: 1572

    Data de pujada: 24. janúar 2010

    Data de realització: janúar 2010

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