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nálægt Sherman Oaks, California (United States)

La route 2, coastal

Follow your heart,

4 units organic rough cut In store promos. Marvin is contact. Try to move product to coffee zone. Acct: 0291 unfi

Vintage grocers, Malibu

1 unit turbinado rough cut 6 units organic rough cut 2 sticks Alma is contact point. Sticks need to be priced correct.

Vintage grocers, Pacific Palsades

2 sticks 6 organic rough cut Point of contact is ?

Mothers market, signal hills

Spoke with James, to get approved is terry holland. Gregory is top dog.

Mothers Market, Redondo Beach

6 units organic rough cut Adolpho is contact. Spoke with Laurie and left pricing sheet and our booth number.

Mothers market, Costa Mesa

0 units organic rough cut 0 units turbinado rough cut Spoke with Brett, left sales sheet and booth number. Andy or Domingo is grocery manager.

Irvine ranch market, Costa Mesa

5 sticks 3 raw granulated 7 organic granulated 2 turbinado rough cut (old style) 4 turbinado rough cut 6 organic rough cut Price point high on new turbinado Spoke with raul and favi. Direct vendor promos. Direct line to Raul 7142743972. 9496314404


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