2.535 m
2.059 m
17,69 km

Skoðað 544sinnum, niðurhalað 9 sinni

nálægt Yumurtatepe, Bitlis (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)

There are no proper maps online about the paved road in Nemrut crater lake in Kurdistan, Turkey (near Tatvan).

If you are driving through Tatvan towards the crater, at the end of the main road by the T-crossroads drive left toward Bitlis. Then it is a bit tricky, since even though soon there will be a sign indicating the road to Nemrut crater, it is kind of unexpected that the road itself starts as a courtyard for a Kamion refuelling station.
Later on the road is nicely paved for some kilometres and totally scenic. Around the top the road disappears and becomes a dirt road, but it is still easily drivable.
Within the crater there is a "main road" that leads to the big lake (totally beautiful, never-to-forget experience!). This is the road that this track file logs.
You should go camping by the lake and watch the stars at night!


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