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nálægt Pacific Beach, California (United States)

San Diego to LA interior

Stumps family marketplace, Voltaire st.

0 organic granulated 0 raw turbinado 4 units organic rough cut 3 units turbinado rough cut Unfi distributed, most likely a free fill in September.

Kiel’s, San Carlos

5 units turbinado rough cut 6 units organic rough cut 3 units sticks 0 units raw turbinado 0 units organic granulated Ed is contact, buyer. Promo. Acct number 50212

Major market, Escondido

7 units organic granulated 13 units organic rough cut 4 units turbinado rough cut 13 units sticks Stumps is actually major market. Promo needed. Ron miles is buyer, off Friday and Saturday.

Frazier foods, Oceanside

2 units raw granulated Prefers keHE distribution. Mike is in store contact. Ernesto Cabrera

Cream of the crop, Oceanside

6 units organic rough cut Neil is point of contact. Prefers keHE distribution. Access number 2757 for unfi.

Major market, Fallbrook

3 units raw turbinado 6 units organic granulated Sticks?* 4 units organic rough cut Several stores in chain, connect with corporate. Randy is contact, in from 4 am to 9 am

Organic roots, Temecula

1 unit turbinado rough cut 0 units organic granulated 0 units organic rough cut 0 units sticks Discontinued but spoke with Jennifer and got Jessica’s contact information. Follow up, lots of potential.

Godwin’s organics

3 organic rough cut 0 units organic granulated How to do promos. Talked with Caleb.

Clark’s nutrition, Lima Linda

5 units organic granulated Not moving, case been there since July.

Clark’s nutrition, chino

0 units organic granulated Got contact info, potential at this location/chain.


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