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1.479 m
605,86 km

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nálægt Clines Corners, New Mexico (United States)

Historic Route 66 is part of my longer travel which I took in July 2003. I had to take part in training organized in Denver and then to join workshop in LA. Time distance between two events was one week, so I took a chance of that fortunate schedule, rented a car and drove around 2000 miles from Denver to LA. Full trail goes like this: Denver-Colorado Springs-Walsenburg-Road 160-Pagosa Springs-Durango-Mesa Verde-Cortez-Four State Corner-Shiprock-Aztec ruins-Chaco culture-Cuba-Santa Fe-Albuquerque-Gallup-Grants-Canyon de Chelly-Painted Desert-Petrified Forest-Flagstaff-Walnut Canyon-Sunset Crater-Wuptaki-Grand Canyon-Kingman-Las Vegas-LA.
I wanted to enter this trip entirely but don’t know how to merge more path in single one. Therefore I found “Solomon solution” to enter just two pieces, this one and Las Vegas-LA, but to add all viewpoints along the trail, with belonging photos.
Any advice on how to merge paths into single one would be appreciated. Path are saved in GE .kml
Colorado Springs
RK: Walsenburg
RK: Alamosa, Monte Vista
From Walsenburg to Durango
RK: Pagosa Springs
RK: Durango
RK: Mesa Verde
RK: Cortez
RK: Four State Corner
RK: Shiprock
RK: Aztec ruines
RK: Chaco Culture
RK: Cuba
RK: Santa Fee Forest
RK: Santa Fee
RK: On Route 66
Albuquerque Aquarium
RK: Gallup, Route 66
RK: Grants, Route 66
RK: Canyon de Chelly
RK: Painted Desert
RK: Petrifield Forest
RK: Flagstaff
RK: Walnut Canyon


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