2.156 m
153 m
145,53 km

Skoðað 2872sinnum, niðurhalað 94 sinni

nálægt Olapra, Andalucía (España)

Almost 90% off tarmac partly in dried out rivers (Ramblas)partly on single trails.
Some really difficult parts with steep climbs and decends.
This is the pre prepared Route file. We were lucky, all ways were open.
We drove it on Dec 22nd 2013.
Don't try it alone!! There're some dangerous parts in it where you need four hands


  • mynd af nestor4x4

    nestor4x4 27.3.2014

    very nice track I will do it end of this year . Do you have more tracks about that zone ?

  • mynd af Happe

    Happe 28.3.2014

    Hi Nestor,

    just added another easier but very beautiful round thru the Sierra Tabernas. Pretty much same starting point.


  • mynd af nestor4x4

    nestor4x4 10.1.2015

    hi , is it posible to do that track by car 4x4 ?

  • mynd af Happe

    Happe 11.1.2015

    parts of it may be done by 4x4 but some parts are to narrow and eroded

  • mynd af nestor4x4

    nestor4x4 6.1.2016

    hi , Happe I was in tabernas this cristmas and I have do it this track , it was verry verry nice and great,
    Thanks !

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