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1.808 m
698 m
10,39 km

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nálægt Zimur, Dibër (Albania)

With a length of 10.3 km, the biking trail Zimur-Shimcan-Staravec-Peshkopi is one of the longest trails currently identified within the project “Cross-border biking: Next level adventure tourism in Mavrovo-Rostuse & Dibër”.
It has its origins in the pastures of Zimur from an altitude of 1780 m and descends to 700 m above sea level. Characteristic of this trail is because it follows almost the entire length the trail of pedestrian movement starting from almost from its starting point to the final destination.
To get there you must have special means or contact the persons who offer the service of the mountain adventur biking guide (mentioned in the trail Hinoske - Ilnice - Melan).
To reach the starting point of the trail you have to follow the road Diber Prefecture - Kamen Neighborhood - Stravec - Shimcan - Bahute - Zimur with a distance of 8.6 km and further for a distance of about 5 km after passing the village of Zimur you will to reach the destination desired by each of you.
The heights everywhere create very attractive sensations but in this trail you will see a variety of different panoramic parts of the Dibra valley but also of the mountain ranges in front or even next to the Zimur mountain.
The trail starts above the Zimur village from where the access is from gravel road and in the last part via grass field. From there the trail descends down towards Zimur village by following old path. After the first part with almost no existing path, the single trail starts that is very flowy and fast, however close to the Zimur village it becomes steeper.
Starting the biking trail which is categorized as medium level of difficulty, the part in which it is called pastures is very attractive as it creates opportunities to make maneuvers which are very characteristic for this type of terrain.
Then you will follow the trail of pedestrian movement towards the village passing near the lake of this village and further through the agricultural lands famous for the organic agricultural products of this area.
An exit to the center of this village is recommended as you can consume some of the agricultural or livestock products of this area. Characteristic for the village of Zimur is that it is a top elevation among all the villages of Albania located at 1352 m above sea level.
Another special feature of the village is the style of construction and very hardworking people.
After you have taken a short break following the trail of the car for a few meters, here and there you will interrupt it several times along your trail to Lake Shimcan where you can stop for a while to enjoy the purity of its water. Wherever you can stop the sights are really fascinating and you can benefit from having them as part of your album of photos during this itinerary.
From here you can continue your trail to the village of Shimcan and further to the village of Staravec ending in Peshkopi from where you depart by vehicle to the starting point of your trail.


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