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9 m

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18. janúar 2022

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Rakning í Beinni

Deildu staðsetningu þinni með vinum og ástvinum meðan á hreyfingu stendur.

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Rakning í Beinni Rakning í Beinni
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770 m
550 m
4,03 km

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nálægt Renz, Dibër (Albania)

The trail is relatively flat in comparison with other trails in the proposed trail system and thus suitable for less experienced mountain bikers.
Going to this trail you must go first at Rrenx village which is located 12 km away from Peshkopia city in the main road Peshkopi – Kukes. In order to arrive at the starting point of the trail on the right of the main (asphalted) road, the gravel road passing near to Rrenx mosque direct you to this destination after 1 km.
The coordinates of the starting point of the trail are 41°44'55.6"N 20°23'39.3"E and the elevation of 779 a.s.l with a total length of 4452 m.
There is only the descent into the canyon that needs to be adapted in order to enable less skilled mountain bikers to complete the whole trail without having to walk. The middle part of the trail offers a very fun and flowing riding experience on the existing single track. Adaptations are limited to cleaning the trail corridor of vegetation. Trail is consequently an important addition to other trails that descent from the higher altitudes.
The trails finishing at Brest i Eperm village from where you can will be connected again with the main road Peshkopi – Kukes.


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