919 m
588 m
10,6 km

Skoðað 2795sinnum, niðurhalað 111 sinni

nálægt Grafarkirkja, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Sýna upprunalegu
Góð ferð frá upphaf Landmanalaugar. Það er mjög mælt með því að taka sandalar yfir krosslaugar áður en þú byrjar að klifra til að forðast að sóa tíma og reyna að vaða án þess að verða blautur. Útsýnið ofan frá fallega. Við vorum að sofa sömu nótt í skjóli. Það er þess virði að tapa nokkrum dögum á þessu sviði og ekki gera það bara eins og dagur út.

Í myndunum fer ég með kort með nokkrum trekkings sem byrja frá skjólinni.


  • mynd af aacook

    aacook 26.5.2016

    This looks incredible. I'm interested in doing it on June 16, 2016. Think it would be possible then?

  • mynd af Piterot

    Piterot 29.5.2016

    I think so!. We also did the hike in June ( It was 2013). I would recommend you to bring a pair of sandals because you will have to cross some really small rivers, and it would help you a lot! Enjoy it...it was a great day for us! :-P Bring also a swimsuit to have a relaxing bath in the Landmanalaugar hot spot! ;-)

  • mynd af aacook

    aacook 3.6.2016

    Wahoo! Great suggestions. So excited. Appreciate you getting back to me.

  • mynd af aacook

    aacook 15.6.2016

    Hi again! We're here, possibly doing the hike tomorrow. Curious if you happen to know where to check the road status and whether 4x4 is needed to get to the trail head?

  • mynd af Piterot

    Piterot 15.6.2016

    Hey! As far as I remember you have 2 accesses to reach Landmannalaugar. 1) From the North 2) From the west. We went from the North access. The car trip is longer, but to reach the shelter you just have to cross 1 river with your car. If you do not want to cross the river you can leave the car and cross the river by walk. (There is a bridge but just for people). The place to leave the car is 100 meters to the shelter and the start point of the hikes ( I have included a new picture on the route showing this) . We left the place through the west road ( 3-4 rivers to cross). At that time the water level was low and we did it without problems. We rented a 4x4 (Suzuki jimmy which is a really small 4x4, but we crossed the river without problems). I do not know where to check the road status :-(. But I think that if you do the round trip from the north you can do it with by car. ( you will have to drive slowly and it will be better with a 4x4). If you are going to use the west road 4x4 is required under my point of view.

  • mynd af aacook

    aacook 23.6.2016

    Thank you again, so much, for all the help! We checked the trail status and it said it was open. We also called our car rental place and they said it was open, too, so, we got up super early and took the drive to the trailhead.

    After ~2.5h of driving, we got behind an official-looking Jeep which slowed down in front of us. Two guys got out with a chain, pulled it across a small wooden bridge. On the chain was a sign reading "CLOSED". We got out and chatted w/ the guys, who said Landmannalaugar was now closed again (even to foot traffic) due to high snow on the trails.

    We ended up turning around, headed back to a local hostel, where we picked up 3 German hitchhikers and drove them to Selfoss on our way to this hike:

    The hike was incredible, and apparently the Germans hiked it all the way through to Landmannalaugar where they ended up getting stranded because the bus service was discounted.

    About 3 miles into the hike, I got onto one knee and popped the question.

    Thanks again for all your help.

  • mynd af Piterot

    Piterot 28.6.2016

    Hey! First of all congratulations!!!:-) What a pity that the road was closed  I assume that this year there has been much more snow in Iceland. We also hiked in Selfoss ( not the whole hike) and it was amazing!! I´m glad to see that you enjoy your vacation in Iceland. Having a look to the picture is clear that the answer was YES… so congratulations again!

  • FrancoisSoucy 3.3.2018

    Hi, I am really interested to do this trek. Do you think it's possible with Kids 6 an 7 years old ?
    thank you

  • mynd af Piterot

    Piterot 2.5.2018

    Hi Francois,
    Sorry for replying so late. The first part is quite easy and flat. After crossing the small rivers(sandals are a must) you have to go up. The path is easy but in some places there are loose stones and you walk through the edge, so you have to be carefull. In general is an easy path for beginers, it would depend if your kids are used to hike in the mountains.
    I can´t add more pictures to the route so please send me an email to [email protected] and I will send you a picture with the path so you can have a better idea.

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