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nálægt Bonfol, Jura (Switzerland)

This is a long-distance hiking route along the sites and places of the former battlefields of the First World War in France. From Km Zero (near Bonfol) on the Swiss border to Verdun. Always so close as possible to the former Nomansland of the western front of the First World War. It is the first stage for a complete walk to the coast in Nieuwpoort / Belgium.
The difficulty level, particularly in the Vosges mountains, is due to the altitude and the often difficult road conditions, as well as the rare shopping opportunities.
Also, the route is not adapted to the range of guest houses and hotels.
This means that for several days food, tent and sleeping bag must be carried along.
It was not a problem, because the people are very nice and helpful. Because the route did not follow any tourist concept, I was always alone and always welcome. Thanks for all the people I met.
Bonfol Railstation Start in Switzerland
Border Switzerland-France
Sundgau day 2
Cernay Ruine Herrenfluh Hartmannswillerkopf Camp Freudstein
Vosges first day
Camp Hilsen Petite Ballon Metzeral Col du Sattel
Stosswihr Hohrod Lingekopf Col du Wettstein Lac Noir
Tete-Faux Le Bonhomme Arbre de la Liberté
Tête de Violu Col de Ste Marie Bertrimoutier Trail Spitzemberg Ban de Sapt
La Fontenelle Senones Feste Bleibtreu Celles-sur-Plaine
End of Vosges
Flat countryside Lorraine
Coincourt Arracourt River- Seille Armoucourt Arraye-et Han
Arraye-et-Han Nomeny Pon-a-Mousson Feye-enHaye
Feye-en-Haye Butte Montsec Apremont-la-Foret Circuit 17.Day Fort Liouville-Marbotte-Bois d´Ailly-Bois d´Apremont
Meuse, Saint Mihiele
Haudiomont Damloup Fort Vaux
Destination first Stage, Verdun Town


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