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nálægt Acebuchal, Andalucía (España)

This is a challenging walk which involves some scrambling and some mild exposure.
The section from Puerto de los Umbrales over the summits of Cerro Cisne and Maceta del Cisne has no footpath. Ground conditions are steep with some unstable ground and caution must be exercised at all times.
Nevertheless, the rewarding views from the summits and ridges are very worthwhile
A small car park is available at the west end of the hamlet of Acebuchal. If time permits then a walk through this delightful "white village" has its rewards, not to mention taking refreshment at the Bar Restaurant.
After the climb out of the barranco turn left where you meet the track and descend towards Venta Cebollero.
Unmistakeable ruin signposted on the side of the track.
In morning sunshine this is a dazzling place as the light reflects off the creamy-white limestone. Excellent views of Cerro Cisne, the path winding its way towards Umbrales and the ridge leading upwards to the summit can all be seen from this location. Follow the track as it twists towards the high ground and the catchment of the Rio Higueron.
Commemorating the death of a local man during the Spanish Civil War.
After reaching this vantage point at 1033m it is time to take a short rest and savour the views, whilst contemplating the task ahead. It is worthwhile trying to pick a line for the ascent. I went towards the left of the ridge - but personal preferences can come into play
There is no mistaking this summit as it pokes its nose towards the sky, recognisable from all the surrounding peaks. The descent goes through the gap in the two subsidiary peaks and drops steeply on loose ground passing the cave.
From the cave a loose path swings around the base of the rock tower. Care has to be taken here! Evidence of a path can be found leading to the Collado as this is the usual route of ascent/descent.
Climb away from the Collado quickly gaining height. Take time to look back and savour the vertical faces of rock which you walked beneath.
At 1466m the twin tops of Maceta del Cisne fall a little short of the height of Cerro Cisne. It is worth mentioning that various figures are quoted for the summit heights depending which map is consulted. Cerro Cisne is shown as being 1481m, 1483m and 1484m. Maceta del Cisne is shown as 1466m and 1467m. The ridge leading off the Maceta is narrow with spectacular views down into the Barranco sin Salida.
I am grateful to the Parque authorities for clearing the troublesome vegetation from the slopes of this summit, given the name Cerro Hierba by myself. One map in my possession names it as Cerillo Hierba, whilst four more choose not to name it. However at 1560m this is the high point of the walk, at least in altitude terms - and time to look back at where you have been! Good views across the valley towards La Cadena, Piedra Sillada and Cerro del Caballo with the snows of the Sierra Nevada in the far distance. Cerro Machos, Lucero and Maroma all stand out. Coastal views can also be had.
At the acute bend in the track, a small cairn marks the exit point where a path twists through the trees and cuts out the zig-zags of the track.
Immediately after joining the track a path descends steeply through shattered limestone. This is marked by a small cairn.
Just off the route; the short walk gives rewarding views towards the coast. An information board explaining the history of resin gathering in the area is now sadly faded/vandalised.
Venta Panaderos is situated in a beautiful place and if energy and time permit then well worth a visit.
With all the hard walking behind you, this is a place to look across to Cerro Cisne and delight in the fact that you reached the summit by a difficult route. The usual route can be picked out from here.

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    I been there and it is wonderful and worth the effort

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