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Hnit 2020

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nálægt Zee Estates, California (United States)

The trailhead starts on American River Conservancy land so you must pay $5 to park - no passes allowed.

As Acorn Creek Trail passes thru ARC land, you'll be delighted with the plant identifying signage that's been installed. I was quite thrilled to learn the names to the plants and trees I was walking thru.

There are two seasonal creeks to cross which can be flooded & impassable in heavy rains. Today they were both bone dry and we simply boulder hopped - no problemo.

The Acorn Creek Trail ascends to the ridge-line, then you turn left at the trail split onto the main trail. The trail makes an immediate steep and rocky descent. Trail can be silty & slippery or muddy & flooded depending on weather. Hiking poles strongly advised.

Rocky trail continues for a bit but once you reach Cronan Ranch land, the trails become nice. As you pass thru the gate onto Cronan Ranch, you'll also notice the trail name changes to SFT - South Fork Trail.

Trail is rated moderate but being in good hiking condition is a must. There are continuous ups'n'downs and some switchbacks. Some parts of the trail are full exposed and even on a cool day, it can heat up. Best for Fall, Winter, and Spring hiking - it would be unwise to do this trail in the summer heat.

River bed area at our turn-around point is EXTREMELY ROCKY and only the brave and/or confident should try getting close to the water. One slip or loss of balance would make for a bad day. I got pretty darn close to the water today, but truly, the rocks one must walk across are sketchy and I don't think it was the smartest thing!

Oak Meadow

The rising sun made the oak tree shadows on the ground so strong.

Horse gate

Top of the Acorn Creek Trail where it mergers with the main trail. The horse gate is uphill to the right about 20 ft and leads back to the Skunk Hollow parking lot.

Be Nice - Say Hi

That little sticker cracked me up!

Brush off seeds!


Hhhmmmm ... a trail to explore in the future!


Satan’s Cesspool


Satan’s Cesspool


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