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nálægt Mortero Palms, California (United States)

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Hiking to the Trestle a boulder climbing hike.

Starting at the Montero Palms Canyon parking. (For directions see the separate driving directions with gps route.)

As you hike up you can see the gigantic boulders.
The best way up is keeping to the right on a steeper boulder free slope.

Once at the palms you need to go up over the boulders on the right, way above the canyon is the easiest way to make this hike.

Once past the palms the trail gets easier and is almost easy on a sometimes marked trail.

At point photo 10 down we start preparing for the decent into Goat Canyon.
The first part of the hike was challenging, this part is even more...

The canyon narrows. At point Photo 11 falls, it's getting interesting as some dry waterfalls pop up.

At point Ended there is a sheer drop, that way more than enough to stop us.
A nice place to see part of the Trestle and head back.

Hiking time 3 hours in 2 hours 40 minutes return.

Don't be fooled by the shortness of this hike.
Take your hiking sticks along.

In 2012 we found an
alternative route
, a heck of lot easier.

My wifes comment: A hike for lunatics. But she made it all the way.

I would rate this hike a notch above difficult.

With special thanks to http://www.anzaborrego.net/Travel/AnzaBorrego/post/Goat-Canyon-Trestle-Revisited.aspx

For pointing out this hike.
Photo 7 2
Jacumba 3446
Dos Hombres Trestle
Carrizo Gorge - Goat Canyon Trestle
Photo 4 1 Flower
Photo 15 return
Photo 13 KH
Photo 12
Photo 11 Fall
Photo 10 Down
Photo 9 2 + T
Photo 8 1 ch
Photo 5 2
Photo 3 2 C PA
Parking Mortero Palms Canyon
Photo 1 1 Boulder
Photo 6 2
Photo 2 1 Palm + Photo return


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