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366 m
14,44 km

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nálægt Auburn, California (United States)

In Pointed Rocks ranch (also called Knickerbocker Ranch or Olmstead trail area.) This trail is mostly a dirt road with a few areas of single track. This is a multi-use trail for horses, mountain bikes and hikers. The area is also popular with geocachers who have given the area the nickname : cool cache land. The area is mostly rolling grassland with areas of live oak forest, manzanitas the size of trees, ponderosa and grey pines. There are coyotes and bobcats. There is also a sprinkling of abandon apple, olive and walnut orchards.

The trailhead is behind the Cool fire station. Alternate trailheads for hikers are the Catecroft trail. (limited parking and a required gate crossing):
Or the cave valley trail. ( parking available weekends and school holidays):

For more information on the trail see:


Trail junction Olmstead Loop and cave valley trail. This is an alternative place to start this loop. Also you can make a smaller loop by going on cave valley trail

Cool FS

Cool Fire Station Trailhead

McElroy spring


TJ - TH w OL

Trail junction olmstead loop with training hill


Trail junction olmstead loop with Wendell Robie Trail

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  • mynd af PeachyHiker

    PeachyHiker 5.2.2016

    I enjoy this hike. There are variations to keep it interesting. Shade is available for breaks, and nice photos during green seasons. Parking is nearby, although now there are parking fees :( which there weren't when this hike was posted. Although there are stickers and poison oak in the area, all of the good things outweigh those for me. I love the stops at the old walnut groves. With all of the route options here once you get to know the area, you can lengthen or shorten your hike for your company or time allowance, and choose not to walk along dirt road. Happy trails!

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