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982 m
94 m
6,24 km

Skoðað 2448sinnum, niðurhalað 69 sinni

nálægt Maghanlawaun, Munster (Ireland)

This is a nice alternative route up to Ireland's highest Mountain aside the well documented trails. The first part of the hike is on the Kerry Way starting at Bridia Valley.
When you get on the ridge leading to Caher Mountain you leave the Kerry Way; from now on there is no footpath but a sheep fence, running up the ridge. Walking alongside it on it's left hand side, it's a nice walk up to Caher. Without a real path it occurs sometimes challenging to find the best way through the muddy terrain.
After about 2km next to the fence it finally ends. The following part leads to the summit of Caher, from here on much dryer ground. From there it's only a short distance to the summit of Carrauntoohil over the headwall of Coomloughra, now again on a footpath. Enjoy!


On the summit of Caher you meet a good hiking-trail going up to Carrauntoohil.

End of Kerry-Way-Passage

From here you have to follow the fence up the ridge to Caher. The easier way ist on the left side of the fence when going up.

End of the sheep-fence

Here ends the fence, but from here on the path to the summit of Caher is obvious, nothings blocks the way.


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