Hnit 327

Uploaded 18. ágúst 2011

Recorded ágúst 2011

288 m
234 m
3,06 km

Skoðað 823sinnum, niðurhalað 1 sinni

nálægt South Factory Village, Massachusetts (United States)

This is a very nice area to visit, blazed trails and roads to follow. At times, the trails can be a little confusing, so I suggest you have a trail map or a hiking GPS. Many parts of the trails are dry, but you could hit water in the swampier sections. I was doing some GEOCaching there, so my tracks could be a little funny. I found most of the trails easy, but the swamp section had me jumping around looking for dry spots. You do have to walk back to the car on the road at the end, so expect that. Parking is limited at the trailhead. We did find a lot of purple mushrooms in the area, very pretty! If you want to read more about hiking, visit my website at - happy trails to all!


Small Brook

Parking Spot

Two Car Parking Spot


Swamp Section


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