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1.130 m
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50,28 km

Skoðað 3000sinnum, niðurhalað 64 sinni

nálægt Skagway, Alaska (United States)

A 53km trek which follows the route challenged by stampeders during the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890's. An outback adventure now jointly controlled by Parks Canada - Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site and U.S. Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park.

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Campsite #1 Distance along route 8km Elevation 70m
Campsite #2 Distance along route 12km Elevation 130m
Campsite #3 Distance along route 17km Elevation 240m
Campsite #4 Distance along route 20km Elevation 315m
Distance along route 27km Elevation 1100m
Campsite #5 Distance along route 33km Elevation 900m
Campsite #6 Distance along route 37km Elevation 870m
Campsite #7 Distance along route 42km Elevation 670m
Campsite #8 Distance along route 47km Elevation 745m


  • mynd af JPM58

    JPM58 22.9.2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    We walked that trail in June 2008. Snow and ice were still present in quantities on the pass and on the Canadian side of the track. Had to walk a whole day on snowshoes with a backpack of about 18kg. But what a trip! Would highly recommend it if you love to be in the real Nature!

  • mynd af Waterfallin

    Waterfallin 22.9.2018

    Wow a tough trek in snowshoes. Done the hike with my two sons in 2015, agreed, great outback nature adventure. 👍

  • mynd af JPM58

    JPM58 23.9.2018

    oups sorry it was in June 2007 already! yes that was tough. The climb to the pass was covered with snow and I had to dig holes for my shoes the whole way up with my wife following...and a American 70 Y.O. guy we met at the bottom. Lost by his gps, he spent the night there and was happy to see us. He was alone with just a few milk rice cans to eat and a satellite phone and did not register in Skagway!!! At the warden hut at the top there there was a ranger who offered us a cup of tea and had a quick chat to see how prepared we were...he kept the American with him and didn't authorize him to follow us...I don't know what got or did that old fellow!

  • mynd af JPM58

    JPM58 23.9.2018

    Oups sorry June 2007 already! Yes that was a tough one! The climb to the pass was covered with snow and I had to dig every step with my shoes ( we didn't have spikes). We met an American 70 yo guy at the bottom. He spent the night there lost by his gps! Had only a few cans of milky rice to eat and a satellite phone to call his friend in Skagway in case of problem...Tne warden we met at the hut right at the border on top offered us a cup of tea and started to chat to see how prepared we were...he didn't let the old fellow continue his trip!...I don't know what happened to him...
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