Hnit 498

Uploaded 21. september 2014

Recorded september 2014

820 m
564 m
18,96 km

Skoðað 773sinnum, niðurhalað 6 sinni

nálægt Torfhaus, Niedersachsen (Deutschland)

This circle takes you along various „Graben“, man-made ditches used for supplying the local mines with water. In generall the track is very easy to follow. Please be aware that the path next to some ditches (especially the Clausthaler Flutgraben) can be wet & muddy in case of bad weather...

Because it fitted quite well, we took a shortcut on this circle by taking a bus. Decision for the bus was made because of three factors a) the upcoming leg did not sound too interesting, b) we only had to wait for 10 minutes (good luck, the bus goes every two hours?!), c) the weather...

For this trail I was inspired by Dumont's hiking guide „Wanderführer Harz“ (ISBN 978-3-7701-8050-9) which I highly recommend as it has 35 circular trails all through the Harz.
The worst part of the trail....
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