654 m
133 m
10,14 km

Skoðað 87sinnum, niðurhalað 0 sinni

nálægt Gortrelig, Munster (Ireland)

Been here before so tweaked things a little to have something new (though different weather & seasons are usually enough for a change).
As usual the first 20 minutes up the Hydro road is bit of a chore but after that it is enjoyable all the way.
This time, continued past the last lake and up the Black Mare gully to a height of 654m (for a better view and to get closer to Ireland's three highest mountains).
On the return journey climbed over the rocky outcrop that is next to the lake but found that the previous route (by the edge of lake) a much better way.
However, instead of crossing back to the home path closer to the first lake... crossed near the western side of the middle lake to avoid some wet ground and also found a good spot to take photos.


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