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nálægt Cowes, England (United Kingdom)

1. Cowes - Gurnard Marsh

Leave the Ferry terminal via the archway, and turn right into the High Street, and continue for 250 metres towards the Union Inn. Turn right town the alley way called Watchouse Lane, then left along the Parade.

Keep to the sea wall for about 2.5 kilometres, until you reach the outskirts of Gurnard. Walk alongside the beach huts towards the Watersedge Restaurant. Continue up Shore Road, to a cut-through called Winding Way, to join Worsley Road. Take the first right down Solent View Road then into Marsh Road. Continue along the road, over the River Luck bridge - where you now go off-road.

2. Gurnard Marsh - Parkhurst Forest

Follow the Coastal Path for several kilometres. The path is very obvious, it winds uphill with glimpses of the sea. After one kilometre of climbing you start to drop down into Thorness Bay.

Once in the bay you need to turn left on to the CB2, going past Whippance Farm to meet the road at Rolls Hill.

At the road, turn left and then right on to the CB4into the wood. Continue until you reach the track with the farm house on the left, At the front of the house turn right, into the field. The path is not obvious here so be aware . Keep to the left hand edge of the field until you reach the stile. After the stile, and a small wooded section; you reach the farm house, where you bear left on to the tarmac road. Officially the footpath is through the Geese pen, we'll give that a miss!

Turning right on the road you will come to a wide opening into Parkhurst Forest.

3. Parkhurst Forest - Carisbrooke

There are no sign posts in the forest, and it is surprisingly easy to get lost. You will always be close to the Western Edge of the Forest, and you should always be heading in a Southerly direction.

Leave the forest at the South West edge to join the busy main road. Cross over the road, and join Poleclose Lane N68

Continue past Poleclose Farm for 220 metres, turn right at the meeting of the fields on to the N51 to Alvington Manor Farm, where you bear right on the to join the end of Alvington Road

You are now entering Carisbrooke on the outskirts of Newport.

4. Carisbrooke - Newport

At the T-junction, turn left downhill, and over the roundabout. On the raised mall section at the end of the church yard, turn left through the graveyard to join the end of Priory Farm Lane. Turn right and follow the N58. After you pass the school grounds and reach Wellington Road, cross over and continue on the foot path until you reach Recreation Ground Road, then turn right to meet the busy main road.

You now are in Newport town.

Turn left onto the main Carisbrooke Road, and continue on the raised mall, till you reach the Traffic lights.

Keep going over the crossroads on to the High Street until the next traffic lights, then turn right on to St. James Square.

As you reach McDonalds, cross over to the Bus Station - where you catch the Number 1 service back to Cowes.

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