1.814 m
420 m
20,8 km

Skoðað 387sinnum, niðurhalað 5 sinni

nálægt Curral das Freiras, Madeira (Portugal)

Long and exciting walk through Madeiras central mountain area. Using bus from Funchal (81 to Curral das Freiras, 9am) get off at Fajã dos Cardos, way up to Boca das Torrinhas through the forest. Second leg is to Pico Ruivo, many ups and downs with spectacular views, until the final climb to Pico Ruivo. After a short rest, I went down using the path to Ilha. The way down was the most boring, I'm afraid, until you catch the Levada do Caldeirão Verde on your right. Sweet relief for your knees and thighs. At Queimadas hamlet, follow the paved road to Santana, surrounded by flowers and cows. I arrived at 4:20pm, in time for the 5:25pm bus back to Funchal (through spectacular Ribeiro Frio route!).


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