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Uploaded 2. mars 2018

Recorded febrúar 2018

175 m
-10 m
8,32 km

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nálægt Santa Lucía, Valencia (España)

This is a very beautiful walk, which will give you wonderful, vast views if the weather is good. Unfortunately we did our walk on a grey day, but still the sense of vastness was magnificent.

From the parking place at the viewpoint we followed the road up, the calle de Via Láctea, at the end of which a yellow/white track can take you to to the Cova Tallada, but as it had been raining for more than 24 hours and the track was quite wet still and slippery we took the track up towards the Torre del Gerro from which you will have a magnificent view.

From there we took the track in the direction of Les Planes . Walking on this plateau is very nice and there are quite a number of tracks.

On our way to the north along a broader track we had to find a way through the shrubbery as the track suddenly appeared to be 'private', but this is no big deal as it is quite easy to find your own way, certainly with a gps.

Our track led us to the Urbanization Les Aranetes, a great part of which consists of ruins, situated beautifully though perched on a hilltop, and quite a remarkable sight.

From there we followed the road towards the coastal path ad then walked back along the coastal path to the parking place.



Torre del Gerro




View towards Cova Talla


View ruins




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