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Tími  einn dagur ein klukkustund 35 mínútur

Hnit 1701

Uploaded 12. september 2016

Recorded september 2016

1.025 m
230 m
19,44 km

Skoðað 92sinnum, niðurhalað 6 sinni

nálægt Ban Pu Pae, จังหวัดตาก (ไทย)

This trek is 2 days trip, we hike from Ban poo pae (บ้านปูแป้) along the canal and turn left
up to the mountain ridge , next day go down from camp to the south and meet the same
route at the canal.

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  • Tatifer 25.1.2019

    Hi! I'm interested in doing this route but I would like to know where/how did you sleep. I would be glad if you could provide a little bit more of information about the route, thank you :)

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