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  • Mynd af Fort George on Monk's Hill- Antigua
  • Mynd af Fort George on Monk's Hill- Antigua
  • Mynd af Fort George on Monk's Hill- Antigua
  • Mynd af Fort George on Monk's Hill- Antigua
  • Mynd af Fort George on Monk's Hill- Antigua
  • Mynd af Fort George on Monk's Hill- Antigua


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30. apríl 2017

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apríl 2017

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5,26 km

Skoðað 3179sinnum, niðurhalað 26 sinni

nálægt Falmouth, Saint Paul (Antigua and Barbuda)

This was an easy hike... just some hill climbing... and lots of bramble and thorny shrubs from the approach we took. That could be avoided if you approach the way we exited! But, we enjoyed the adventure... and would have missed the cemetery had we gone up and down the "easy way" via the road!
We had information indicating two ways to approach the fort. We approached via one way (from the North), and returned via the other way (the Southern route).
Our start had us drive from Falmouth Harbour, past the St. Paul's Anglican Church, past the Green Heineken "plastered" building/bar, past the first street on the left, to the very next street on the right.
We drove up the street, and parked on a road heading to the right.
The hike began back on the main road, heading to the left. The paved road became dirt, then became a path. The path would become difficult to follow, and it would climb up a hill.
We were advised to head to the left of the Fort's wall.
There we found the remain of a cemetery with stones from the 1800's. Pretty cool!
From that point, the going was rough... with a lot of overgrowth and no clear path. We just walked along the wall of the Fort as best we could.
We came to a rockslide from part of the Fort's wall... climbed over that as we could see the road just beyond.
Once on the road, the arched entrance of the Fort was present. (To the left was the road that we would take back down!)
Continuing up the hill, you reached a clearing and the Cell tower. The views are 360° and beautiful of the Rainforest, the Harbours (Falmouth & English), and the Plaines/Hills of the South & East!
There isn't much left of the Fort... only the outer walls and the gate. A few ruins inside.
We returned via the road... and made our way back to our car parked up on the hill!
Be sure to take water and a hat as most of the walk is exposed to the sun!


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