2.456 m
1.210 m
26,75 km

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nálægt Yosemite Village, California (United States)

Most epic trail in Yosemite Valley. Unbeatable views of El Capitan and Half Dome. Also 360' view over whole Yosemite Valley at Sentinel Dome. Be prapared and take at least 4 litres of water - refill at Glacier Point. One day trek. Transportation to start and end point is provided by Yosemite Visitor Shuttle.


  • mynd af Mário Ramos

    Mário Ramos 22.9.2015

    Congratulations for this fantastic hike. Thanks for sharing.

  • Shirley W. Yoder 15.12.2018

    Yosemite National Park is an incredible place and there are many different options for all when it comes to hiking. The mist trial however is by far the most popular option, possibly because it gives you a chance to continue (up to Nevada Falls) if your legs aren’t feeling like jelly.

    The trail offers fantastic views across the park. The bottom half is pretty easy going, it starts to get difficult on the last 1km to the top of Nevada Falls.

    For first timers, I’ll let you know what we did as we struggled to find information on what we had to do.

    There’s a car park close the Yosemite Village, we rocked up at 7:00 - this is way to early. By 8:30 there were still spaces, so this seems like the ideal time. Spend 30 minutes getting snacks for the trail then head to the visitor centre for 9:00 to check what you want to do is practical.

    If you wanna do the Mist Walk then take the bus at stop number 9 (outside the visitor centre) then jump of at number 16. Turn left and walk across the bridge and bam... you’ve got it!

    We took 1.5 litres of water each. This was fine for us, but if you are prone to sun stroke/dehydration then you will need more.

    There are plenty of rest stops on the walk, each offer an amazing view so be sure to stop and catch your brief.

    We took wet wipes which were fantastic as it kept us from feeling sticky.

    If you do go to the top of Nevada Falls, do the John Muir trial to get down. It’s less steep and again has some extra photo opportunities.

    The kitchen has a loft above it. They do great pizzas, but it’s only open Friday and Saturday.

    I hope this helps someone out there. I’m sure there is something already posted, but we struggled to find it.

    Have fun!

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