812 m
187 m
21,62 km

Skoðað 110sinnum, niðurhalað 5 sinni

nálægt Skogar, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

The most beautiful scenery you will ever see, guaranteed.

River bank

Grass embankment next to river. Amazing spot to chill.



  • schmittilac 25.6.2019

    When I have made the Fimmvörđüháls hike few years back Hvannárgil valley seemed to be very very steep and could not see any trail there.

    How is the path down to Hvannárgil valley like? Is it easily doable?

  • mynd af Stuart Berry

    Stuart Berry 26.6.2019

    I hiked from the Basar hut up the mountain and around in a circular route back down again in the next valley (afraid I don't know the name but it can be seen on my GPS route). Going back down again int his valley was initially quite steep but the trail was still fairly clear. I crossed the glacier river a few times coming down the valley (seen in my image of the soft grass area) and followed the contour path all the way down the valley - eventually exiting near through the Basar huts again. I never actually went to the bottom of this valley however towards the end near the lower part (before reaching Basar hut) I think the valley floor was accessible.
    Hope this helps...

  • schmittilac 26.6.2019

    yep. that's the one :) thanks.

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