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Hnit 649

Uploaded 22. nóvember 2015

Recorded nóvember 2015

2.517 m
-2 m
8,67 km

Skoðað 991sinnum, niðurhalað 21 sinni

nálægt Zuidgeest, Noord-Brabant (Nederland)

Interesting circular walk on the west side and outskirts of Bergen op Zoom. The trail offers a variety of landscapes on the edge of Brabantse Wal.

Includes parts along Markiezaatsmeer, Hildernisse, Mattemburgh and Lindonk.

Starts from the car park at Kraaijenberg and first turns to the bird watching spot (vogelkijkhut).

Something to keep in mind is that the motorway is not far off along some parts of the track.

Due to rain there are no photos of the second part of the trail.

Car park Kraaijenberg


  • tovaho 6.1.2018

    Mooie route , MAAR je hoort consultant de snelweg wat jammer is !

  • mynd af janetraveller

    janetraveller 8.1.2018

    Thanks for your comment! Best tip is probably to avoid days with a (north) easterly wind.

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