13,28 km

Heildar hækkun

1.075 m

Tæknilegir erfiðleikar



1.075 m

Hám. hækkun

827 m



Lágm. hækkun

122 m

Tegund leiðar

  • Mynd af Hebs Village through the stairs
  • Mynd af Hebs Village through the stairs
  • Mynd af Hebs Village through the stairs
  • Mynd af Hebs Village through the stairs
  • Mynd af Hebs Village through the stairs
  • Mynd af Hebs Village through the stairs


5 klukkustundir 29 mínútur


5 klukkustundir 49 mínútur



Hlaðið upp

19. mars 2022

Tekið upp

mars 2022


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Veðurspá Veðurspá
827 m
122 m
13,28 km

Skoðað 58sinnum, niðurhalað 1 sinni

nálægt Ra’s, Raʼs al Khaymah (Yunaayitid Arab Imireetis)

This trail is considered to be moderate because it is long and the beginning portion of it requires a lot of stairs and steep uphill. It is very easy to follow though.
When you reach to the top, as soon as you finish a certain corner you can see the whole trail until it goes around the next one.
It's a very good trail if you want to be active and enjoy the views without the technical climbing or jumping on boulders or anything like that.
Even if you don't save the trail you won't get lost (although it's always recommended to have the map with you).
During the first half of the trail you will be having a weak phone signal but still you get data while the other half you might have only 2G.
On the way back when you start going down it will be slippery in some places. If you are going to follow the exact same trail you will notice that I took a shortcut once I reached the village at the end but you need to focus a bit in order to see it and if you have fear of heights just go back the same way you came.
Take plenty of water with you and some snacks as it is a long hike. I also suggest taking bananas, dates, nuts or any potassium source in order to avoid having your knees shaking while going back down.

There are other starting points to reach the village if you want to avoid the stairs that merges with the same trail at a certain point but in my opinion going down the stairs is better than going down a slippery trail.

If you navigate to the trail head Google won't be able to send you to the exact location, so here is the entry point (25.800462, 56.099271) then you will see a high water tank, just pass by it till the end and you will reach the parking spot.

I recommend entering by a car with some ground clearance for the last 1.5 kilometers. You can enter by a sedan but you need to drive really carefully.


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