300 m
286 m
2,65 km

Skoðað 13019sinnum, niðurhalað 569 sinni

nálægt Reykjahlíð, Sudur-Tingeyjarsysla (Ísland)

[EN] From the "Flies' lake" camp area we start an easy flat walk that ends in a transversal fall with caves with inner lakes at 43 degrees Celsius.

[ES] Partiendo del camping del "Lago de las Moscas" caminamos por terreno llano hasta una grieta donde hay cuevas con lagos interiores a 43 grados centígrados.
  • mynd af Grjótagjá cave entry / Entrada cueva Grjótagjá
  • mynd af Grjótagjá cave entry / Entrada cueva Grjótagjá
Along the crack there are a few caves that lead to lakes of hot water (43ºC), this waypoints was taken at one cave entrance.
  • mynd af Geothermic activity ahead


  • Paco72 5.8.2009

    Is this cave Lofthellir cave?

  • mynd af Northern Mountaineer

    Northern Mountaineer 5.8.2009

    Hello Paco72,

    frankly I don't know the name of the cave. I'm not sure if it has a name actually, since it was on the top of a big crack without facilities to get into the cave, no ladder, handles or wooden signs. But I have to say that I loved that, it is an authentic spot surrounded by geothermic activity everywhere.

    Highly recommended since it is an easy and quick walk departing from the camping lot (start of the trail).

    If you discover that it has a name, needless to say that I'd appreciate if you post it here for myself and others to know.


  • pramilakenkre 27.9.2009


  • mynd af Northern Mountaineer

    Northern Mountaineer 28.9.2009

    Indeed this is an amazing cave, I've found a better picture at Panoramio: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/4898944 https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/hike-to-grjotagja-cave-with-geothermic-lake-56772#wp-56789/photo-4421

  • mynd af Tooterreno

    Tooterreno 11.6.2010

    I think the name is Grjótagjá

  • mynd af Northern Mountaineer

    Northern Mountaineer 11.6.2010

    Thanks Tooterreno, yes I've tried to find images of the cave and it is Grjótagjá as you correctly point out. Some more photos: http://bit.ly/9kiqVY

    Hope to return there again, the outdoors in Iceland (weather permitting) are magnificent.

    Best to all

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