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Uploaded 19. september 2014

Recorded ágúst 2014

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392 m
17 m
11,08 km

Skoðað 9254sinnum, niðurhalað 167 sinni

nálægt Vík í Mýrdal, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

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Vegur frá Vík - Route 1 - Route 214
Bílastæði - Tjaldsvæði Thakgil - Þakgil
Byrjaðu hér margar gangandi rannsóknir með útsýni yfir Katla eldfjall og Mýrdalsjökul jökul

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Fallegt útsýni


Fallegt útsýni



  • mynd af romain_gi

    romain_gi 12.6.2017

    is this route 214 is available for no F-road vehicle? we hire a Camp Van (Renault Traffic) and would like to make some hiking there.


  • mynd af tbk

    tbk 12.6.2017

    The road is unpaved but in July August is available with a normal car, of course there aren't rivers to cross. The road was closed until 15 days ago.
    I didn't add photos and comments a few years ago and I cannot find a moment.
    I'll try in future.
    This hike is great with a wonderful view at end.

  • mynd af romain_gi

    romain_gi 13.6.2017

    Hi, I had a look at his website: http://www.road.is/travel-info/road-conditions-and-weather/south-iceland-road-conditions-map/ and this road is indicated as open. We will see on the sport, thank you for your response

  • mynd af tbk

    tbk 13.6.2017

    You can use Waze in Iceland. It's the interactive app of google and I'm sure it's the best system routing in Iceland...... I used my last 3 years to update the map and it's working fine. Daily I update also the closure.

  • joeljons 16.7.2019

    I have followed this trail  staðfest  View more

    We started the hike a bit before Þakgil. Beautiful mountains, but cloudy so we didn't see the glacier.

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