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Hnit 1700

Uploaded 9. september 2014

Recorded september 2014

1.260 m
1.136 m
15,56 km

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nálægt Selime, Aksaray (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)

Very easy route without difficulty on the course, only reach some churches is rather steep.

We left in the first bus from the village of Ihlara at 08:00 AM that left us right on the Selime Monastery box office. From there and after visiting the beautiful Monastery we begin the trek.
Is a nice walk along the river through cultivated fields and cliffs up to Belisirma where we can eat and rest along the river in one of the restaurants that we could find.
From here we will find short detours( all are sign posted) that lead us to beautiful churches with fantastic frescoes on its walls.
You don´t need to carry much food or water as is easy to buy in Belisirma and later in a tea terrace along the route.
The track finally reach Ihlara village.


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