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Tími  7 klukkustundir 2 mínútur

Hnit 2480

Uploaded 26. júní 2010

Recorded júní 2010

1.000 m
44 m
18,62 km

Skoðað 2852sinnum, niðurhalað 68 sinni

nálægt Álftamýri, Vestfirðir (Ísland)

Hiking on Kaldbakur 998 meters high and highest point of North-West Iceland Vestfirdir.
  • mynd af 960 m Kaldbakur
960 m height
  • mynd af Kvennaskarð
  • mynd af Kvennaskarð
  • mynd af Kvennaskarð
  • mynd af Kvennaskarð
1 pic taken to north of Dyrafjodur, then the way up to Kaldbak, three to the pass over to Medaldalur (valley) and the last one back to Arnarfjordur Fossadalur (valley)


  • RachelNau31 8.4.2016

    How do you access the trailhead? Doesn't looks like there is a road that leads to it.

    Do you think this hike is doable in early to mid-May?

  • mynd af Gussler

    Gussler 8.4.2016

    There is a road to the startup location and also fourwheel drive road in to the valey and to the other side of the Mountain.

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