436 m
392 m
2,41 km

Skoðað 33sinnum, niðurhalað 8 sinni

nálægt Forest Hills, Province of KwaZulu-Natal (Republic of South Africa)

The Nkutu River is a tributary of the Molweni River. The trail follows the north ridge and there are two waterfalls, the Lower and the Upper Nkutu Falls. Right at the beginning of the trail there is a visible notice advising not to walk in groups smaller than six people. There are some informal settlements in the vicinity and the area is quite isolated, so safety could be an issue.

The lower Nkutu Falls is a perfect spot for a picnic, a bit quieter than the Nkutu Picnic Site. No braai facilities though. It is accessible with kids. Beyond the turn to these falls, walking with children is not recommendable at all.

The scenery is very spectacular, not for people with vertigo. It is important not to walk off the path and more important, be always aware of where you are when taking photos. Some areas are really close to the edge and the drop is deadly.
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