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nálægt Otranto, Puglia (Italia)

This hike is heavily based on the trail "Otranto costa" published on this site by Sierra1. See for details. So all credit to Sierra1 or I would have never enjoyed a beautiful hike in Otranto. The difference is that his (her?) trail is drawn via satellite images, while this trail is how I actually walked it. So, this is basically a high definition version of Sierra1's hike.

The hike starts with an easy walk through some fields around the coast line. That part would be suitable for people without any hiking experience. But further up the trail, near the cliffs, the hike gets a lot more complicated and requires sturdy shoes and a reasonable fitness to jump over or via some rocks from time to time. Also the trail gets a lot less used and will be harder to spot. I've tried to follow it as well as I could, but maybe I've missed some of it. At one of the waypoints, the cliffs are quite steep and you will need to take some extra precaution.

Roughly half-way down the trail, I've hidden a geocache. See for details. The place of the cache is also marked as a WP on this trail.

Once you get closer to the light house, the hike becomes easier again: The cliffs are less steep and you'll be able to see the trail much easier. Once you get to the light house, follow the road up and then part of the trail goes over the top of the cliffs. This is the biggest climb in the whole walk.

Further down the trail, you'll be a bit further away from the coast line and you'll enjoy a beautiful forest to walk through and will have a totally different scenery then before.

In the last quarter of the hike, you pass by an old bauxite mine which is now a small lake. After the lake, follow the unpaved road until you get to the larger road. Cross here into the forest on the other side of the road and don't follow the other unpaved road. Later on in the woods, you will find another unpaved road again that will bring you back to the car park.

I hope you'll enjoy this hike as much as I have. Please post you comments.

Steep Cliff

A nice spot for pictures, but the steepest cliff on this walk. Please be extra careful around this spot.


Park your car here. There should be sufficient space (except in August)
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Geocache 'La Palascia'

See for details:

Small Cave

There is a small cave with some ruins of a wall. As Sierra1 indicated, a nice spot for a lunch break as well as to snap a few pictures.

Light house

The light house will be visible during the first half of the trail. Oddly enough, it's not at the top of the cliff as one might expect, but half way.

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    Heerlijke frisse wandeling langs azuurblauwe zee.

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