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nálægt Big Hammock (historical), Florida (United States)

The village of Mannfield (geographically located in the center of the newly created county) was selected to be the acting Citrus County seat for two years, after which a vote of the county electors was to decide the permanent site. The village of Mannfield was selected to be the acting Citrus County seat for two years, after which a vote of the county electors was to decide the permanent site. Two factions soon developed: the supporters of Mannfield and those wishing to transfer the county seat to Inverness.
It appears that Mannfield was intended as a temporary county seat only. Mannfield was settled in 1884. In 1887 Hernando county was divided into Pasco and Citrus counties. Mannfield became the county seat of citrus. It once had a hotel, church, school, 3 general stores, a sawmill and a newspaper. In 1893 the railroad came through the county and bypassed Mannfield in favor Inverness. Inverness became the new county seat. Soon after the old Mannfield courthouse was put on logs and rolled 5 miles through the pines to the settlement of Landrun and used as a private residence. Nothing remains of Mannfield, only a concrete cattle dipping vat.

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Sink Hole
Mannfield Pond
Cattle Dipping Vats in Florida From the 1910's through the 1950's, these vats were filled with an arsenic solution for the control and eradication of the cattle fever tick. Other pesticides such as DDT where also widely used. By State law, all cattle, horses, mules, goats, and other susceptible animals were required to be dipped every 14 days. Under certain circumstances, the arsenic and other pesticides remaining at the site may present an environmental or public health hazard. See listing by county of known cattle dip vats. Some of the sites have been located and are currently under investigation. However, most of the listings are from old records of the State Livestock Board, which listed each vat as it was put into operation. In addition, some privately operated vats may have existed which were not listed by the Livestock Board. Some county boundaries may have changed since the vats were first listed. Persons who can identify the exact locations of these vats are encouraged to contact the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Waste Cleanup, at (850)-245-8982, e-mail zoe.kulakowski@dep.state.fl.us, or write to us at: FDEP Cattle Dipping Vats MS 4535 2600 Blair Stone Road Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400
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Turn off for Mannfield Cemetery a.k.a The Wilson Family Cemetary
Mannfield Cemetery a.k.a. The Wilson Family Cemetery


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