216 m
0 m
7,11 km

Skoðað 3182sinnum, niðurhalað 9 sinni

nálægt Rockland, Connecticut (United States)

After a brief, steep ascent from the parking lot by Route 77, the trail hugs the edge of the ridge, offering fine views of the Micah and Broomstick Ledges to the East. In a couple of places you are disconcertingly close to the edge, and in one spot you clamber up a rock formation for a few feet. This part of the walk offers different views of Myer Huber Pond.

The trail is relatively flat and easy as it moves away from the edge of the ridge. The trail is well kept and well marked. The trail gradually descends to Stagecoach Road on the Durham side of the ridge. My GPS log shows a detour via a trail marked with blue blazes with a red dot for part of the way. This detour was in place when I walked the trail in December 2000.

After the initial ascent and walk along the ridge, a relatively easy, well marked walk.


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