501 m
0 m
64,56 km

Skoðað 1402sinnum, niðurhalað 59 sinni

nálægt Bolungarvík, Vestfirðir (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Early season 2015 trek with a lot of late snow.
!! In some places, direct route in the snow or alternate route to avoid dangerous melting snow bridges over rivers.

Trek de début de saison 2015 avec beaucoup de neige tardive.
!! A certains endroits, tracé direct dans la neige ou alternatif pour éviter des ponts de neige dangereux sur des rivières.


  • JeSuisForeign 17.1.2017

    Hi, Really keen to do this one, just wondering how you got picked up at the end?

  • Marc I 17.1.2017

    We booked the boat to and from Hornstrandir through http://www.westtours.is. So we knew when we were going to be picked up.

  • JMEAX 7.3.2017

    What time in June did you go? I'd like to head to Hornstrandir around June 19-20. Will snow be too much of a problem?

  • Marc I 8.3.2017

    We started hiking at mid June but it was a winter with late snow (see the pictures). So my answer is yes and no, it depends. On June the 20th, we were in snow when passing from one valley to the next. But the snow was melting fast and at see level it was OK. The light is great at mid June, there not many people and the arctic foxes are around. If I was to return, I'd go back at the same period.

  • |Toni| 1.7.2017

    How did you return to the starting.

  • Marc I 1.7.2017

    We booked the return boat from Hornstrandir through http://www.westtours.is. So we knew when we were going to be picked up.

  • Bonny99 7.7.2019

    Hi, how did you cross over the fjord in the middle?

  • Marc I 8.7.2019

    We crossed the fjord with water up to the waist. There was a small sign post on the south shore pointing across the fjord indicating where to cross. It's a little scary at the start because it is wide and the water is not exactly warm. If you move away from where the crossing is, the water can get deep. Maybe the crossing spot has moved a little from when we did it.

  • Bonny99 8.7.2019

    Wow, that sounds really adventurous...thanks for replying so quickly! I am looking for a hike in Hornstrandir, but I think yours is too long for me and I don't think I 'd feel good crossing that fjord (alone). I mean, it looks huge! I am looking for a 3-4 day hike...

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