1.294 m
787 m
14,66 km

Skoðað 30sinnum, niðurhalað 2 sinni

nálægt Soda Bay, California (United States)

Great views, easy trails, good workout. This is not a wilderness experience but there are great distant views from bottom to tops.

Mount Konocti is composed of four peaks, none of which are named Konocti. Wright Peak with the fire lookout tower is the star of the park. Buckingham and Howard Peaks offer different views. We did not find a trail to South Peak and there are none on the maps.

Just past the trail head a turnstile allows pedestrian access (hiking only) through a gate. A little later a section of single track trail bypasses the road going through some private property. After that it is mostly smooth dirt roads including a section on the way to Wright and Howard Peaks that passes through a pretty oak forest with massive trees. The other sections of road are not that special or shady but all offer distant views. The last part of the road to Howard Peak is steep enough to be moderate instead of easy.

Near the top of Wright Peak there is airplane wreckage by the side of the road just before the sign explaining it. You can’t climb the Wright Peak tower unless it is manned. The day we were there a volunteer fire spotter was on duty, welcoming visitors and answering questions. That can be counted on. The views from the top of Wright Peak are almost as good as from the tower and still worth it if the tower is closed.

You can walk completely around Buckingham and Wright Peaks. Howard is well defended by dense and prickly foliage that limits you to one side of the top. We briefly followed a steep single track trail through an oak forest from the peak of Buckingham that I think leads to Evergreen Drive but gave up when it did not seem to be offering any vistas and was heading the wrong direction for us. We made a side trip to Mary Downen’s old cabin, on the list of attractions, which is now in a state of disrepair.

The park can be closed during high fire danger or severe weather. There are upper and lower parking areas, lots of bathrooms, picnic tables, trash cans, benches and signs that include mileage and points of interest. No water or fees. The road to the trail head is a well maintained, smooth dirt and suitable for any car. See http://konoctitrails.com/trails/mt-konocti-county-park/wright-peak-summit-trail/


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