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nálægt Cold Spring, New York (United States)

This hike starts on Mt Taurus ( aka Bull hill ) in Cold Springs. Take the Washburn trail which is a white trail that starts on Rte 9D. Take the Washburn trail all the way to the Notch trail which is denoted by a Blue trail marker. Along the way, the trail will have some great views and will intersect with the Undercliff trail. The Undercliff is denote by a Yellow trail marker and it approximately 1.2 miles from the start of the trail.
Once on the Notch trail, take the trail until it intersects with Brooks trails ( Red trail marker ). Take a left on the Brooks trails and take it down until intersects with the Undercliff trail. One word of caution, the Undercliff splits into two parts. One part of the trail will go the left, and the other part of the trail will go the right and over the bridge. Take part of the UnderCliff trail that goes to the right over the bridge. Take the UnderCliff trail until it intersects with the Breakneck Trail ( which is denoted by a white trail marker ).
Once on the Breakneck trail, there will a excellent view of the Hudson approximately 300 ft from the intersection of the Undercliff trail. Then continue on the Breakneck trail until intersects with the Notch trail. Take the Notch trail down and continue to stay on the trail until the it intersects with the Brooks trail. At this point, it will bring you to same intersection that was encounter earlier.
Continue on the Brooks trail until the intersects with the Undercliff trail again. Instead of taking the right, take left side portion that goes to Mt. Taurus. Take this trail until it intersects with the Washburn trail. Onceon the flat portion of the UnderCliff there will be several great views of Cold Spring.
The final leg of the circuit is to take the Washburn back down to parking lot.

TF8000 -- Pkg Lot

04-JUN-11 9:22:43

TF8001 -- View Point

04-JUN-11 9:56:47

TF8002 -- View Point

04-JUN-11 10:21:48

TF8003 -- View Point

Views of Breakneck

TF8004 -- Intersection

Junction of the Notch Trail ( B ) and the Brook Trail ( R )

TF8005 -- Intersection

Junction of the UnderCliff trail ( Y) and Breakneck trail ( W )

TF8006 -- View Point

Views of the Hudson River

TF8007 -- Intersection

The Junction of the Breakneck trail ( W ) and the Bypass trail ( R ).

TF8008 -- Intersection

Junction of the Breakneck trail ( W ) and the Notch Trail ( B )


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