1.922 m
1.480 m
5,91 km

Skoðað 108sinnum, niðurhalað 7 sinni

nálægt Arlington Park, Utah (United States)

Mt. Van Cott starting from the Popperton Park parking lot. This is an up and back route.
This is my #1 go to trail with it's close proximity to the city and easy access. For a strenuous but short trail run, hike, or just walking you can't beat it. It's the most versatile trail I have in my trail directory. It's only about a mile from the base to the summit (there and back, the entire route from the parking lot is about 3.7 miles), but steep at sections, however there are points of succor all along the way, making it great for any type of interval you might want to do, an easy or hard trail run, vigorous hiking, or if your "just not feeling it", easy walking, in short you can get as much or as little out of it as you want.


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