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nálægt Sancti Petri, Andalucía (España)

We started this walk on the boulevard that starts at this point in Novo Sancti Petri and followed it to the end from where you have to follow the road for two hundred metres until you get to the point where you can enter the pine tree dunes. A small sandy path leads you to the edge of the red-coloured cliffs and then follows the edge, passing three covered pavillions with splendid views especially on the Islota Sancti Petri.

There are several paths that you can choose from and we chose one at random. If you don't want to walk on the sand you could follow the road instead. When we got to the road again we walked along the boardwalk towards the end of the tongue of land, all the time having splendid views on the harbour, the wetlands and the silhouettes of the mountains far way inland.

From the tip of the point of Sancti Petri you have a good view of San Fernando and even the the new huge bridge to Cádiz is visible as well as, of course, the Punta Del Boqerón.

We walked back along the beach until the wooden stairs to the pavillion and then took the same way back to our starting point.

We think this is a very nice short walk with a wide range of interesting things to be seen in beautiful natural surroundings.

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Stairs to the beach.

View on San Fernando


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