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nálægt Grant, California (United States)

Olancha Peak failed attempt


  • mynd af markmcla

    markmcla 25.2.2014

    That looks like a butt kicker, even if you didn't make it to the top. -I know this has been a dry year, so was there any snow was on the trail? Also, where did you spend the night before you started your hike? Thanks for posting this hike

  • Bartlett.Roger 25.2.2014

    Hey Mark, yes it was a pretty tough hike. We actually started the day driving into the trailhead from home in Bakersfield. I'd attribute the failed attempt to three factors: too late a start at about 9AM given the early winter sunset, navigation problems (you can see the loop we did toward the beginning, we lost the trail and spent a good amount of time bushwhacking to try to find it again), and the snow at higher elevation. It was really only toward the bottom of Olancha Peak and our turnaround point where the slope of the mountain faced northward where the snow got difficult, marching through took too much time and we had to turn around. Great views toward the High Sierra regardless and definitely worth the trip! We'll be back to get our names on the summit register at some point.

  • mynd af markmcla

    markmcla 25.2.2014

    Thanks for sharing that excellent information. Yes, I might spend the night before hiking that trail in Ridgecrest.

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