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Hnit 528

Uploaded 11. ágúst 2009

Recorded ágúst 2009

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229 m
188 m
9,95 km

Skoðað 2674sinnum, niðurhalað 26 sinni

nálægt Palisades, Illinois (United States)

Very similar to the Sag Valley trail, this trail is like a nice nature walk through the woods. It is very buggy so you are advised to bring insect repellent. This trail seems to have all kinds of side paths that don't lead anywhere and aren't consistent with the park map, so it is advised to stay on the path I outlined.

The grassy area by Bullfrog lake is used for recreational purposes (i.e. picnics, frisbee, the dog, etc), and the trail can also be used by horseback riders.

Bullfrog Lake


Tomahawk Slough


Short cut

If you've had enough, you can cut through back to the earlier part of the trail and back track to the parking lot

parking lot


mysterious nuclear monument

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    Anderson 19.7.2013

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    Thanks for posting this trail. Great spot for hiking.

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