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  • mynd af Peru Sacred Valley trek (3 days)
  • mynd af Peru Sacred Valley trek (3 days)
  • mynd af Peru Sacred Valley trek (3 days)
  • mynd af Peru Sacred Valley trek (3 days)
  • mynd af Peru Sacred Valley trek (3 days)

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Uploaded 25. febrúar 2018

Recorded febrúar 2018

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4.423 m
2.790 m
29,44 km

Skoðað 433sinnum, niðurhalað 16 sinni

nálægt Jajapunco, Cusco (Peru)

Multiple day hike. Registered 2017/07.
Also known under the names Cachicata trek or Inca Quarry trek.

We did this trek without a guide, which appeared to be very uncommon. The locals haven’t seen many foreigners, not everybody speaks Spanish.

The trek starts at Pachar, from where there are no collectivos and very little transport whatsoever to Socma (also written Soqma). You’ll see the Catarata (waterfall) Perolniyoc, which is really nice, and not touristic since the remoteness of it. Above the waterfall lays an even more astonishing fortress. From there it’s a short way to Rayan, where you can put up your tent. It’s a small community, there’s no hostels or anything, it’s not allowed to start a fire and there’s mountain water from which we drank without any problems.

From there we actually took a wrong path, but I tried to find the correct one and put it in the GPS track. There’s campsites near Cachicata where you can spend the second night. The third day is limited to a short descent, after which you can visit Ollantaytambo (also called Ollanta) or take the train to Aguas Calientes for Machu Picchu.

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Campsite Cachicata

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  • mynd af stephen.m.carmody

    stephen.m.carmody 8.12.2018

    I have followed this trail  staðfest  View more

    Trail was off in some parts but overall good. No good sources of water can be found after reaching max elevation until reaching Ollanta town.

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