1.854 m
1.835 m
6,34 km

Skoðað 182sinnum, niðurhalað 9 sinni

nálægt Guadianilla, Guanajuato (Mexico)

This is a very easy hike (total ascent 23 feet) along one of the small tributaries that feed the Presa Allende. I was first introduced to this area over 10 years ago by Fen Taylor on an San Miguel de Allende Audubon Society bird walk. It is still a great area for birders. Some of the species we saw on this day were Egret, white heron, blue heron, vermillion flycatcher, kara kara, black ibis, white pelican, cormorant, king fisher, avocet, barn swallow, somkyna duck, nuderkyna duck, raven, cow birds, white wing dove, violet crowned hummingbird.

the path crosses the river a few times so this trail is best not attempted during the rainy season. there is a levy that extends in to the presa where the river meets the presa. During the driest times of the year (April/May) you can continue on beyond the levy to approach a church that was inundated when the prease was built in 1967.


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