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nálægt Bloedel, British Columbia (Canada)

Wander through waist-high ferns under tall, moss-covered trees along a trail that goes from wide gravel road to bog bridges to slippery root balls to rock scrambles.

The destination: an overlook of the narrow gap at the top of the Salish Sea (Georgia Strait) through which the tide runs faster than almost any river. And that ripple or billowing whirlpool visible nearly halfway across the narrowest part is the “surface shadow” of the great Ripple Rock, which ate many ships in its day.

Until we blew it up.
The Trail narrows here.
The first viewpoint is a beach in a small bay.
Somewhat broken stairs and a narrower and root-filled trail. It now gets trickier to make progress safely.
...and a decent lookout.
This treed lookout is worth a peak.
..and a log one may have to stoop to go under...but there is a way around it.
Take the high or low road. The high road is a bit washed out in one location, but still safe. The low road is longer.
See more shots of this side trail later.
Here one can look down cautiously at Seymour Narrows, and one can still make out Ripple Rock by the ripples and whirlpools in the water above it.
This one is not worth the side trip. The view is not great, and the picnic table has seen better days.


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