• mynd af Shkhara glacier
  • mynd af Shkhara glacier
  • mynd af Shkhara glacier
  • mynd af Shkhara glacier
  • mynd af Shkhara glacier

Hnit 166

Uploaded 5. apríl 2015

Recorded apríl 2015

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2.597 m
2.120 m
17,88 km

Skoðað 19117sinnum, niðurhalað 130 sinni

nálægt Ushguli (Georgia)

The hike starts in Ushguli and climbs through the villages of Ushguli up to the Lamaria church. From here a magnificient view opens up down towards the Ushguli villages and in the other direction towards the Inguri valley and Mount Shkhara, the highest mountain of Svaneti and Georgia. The hike continues through the Inguri valley on the western side of the Inguri river. The marked trail more or less follow a little dirt road and a larger path and climbs little for the following five – six kilometres. If visibility is good, more and more of Mount Shkhara can be seen as you hike through the valley. The last couple of kilometres the trail climbs a little bit, goes through low forests, across many rocks and small creeks. The trail ends at 2 390 metres at the Shkhara glacier where the Inguri river originates below the glacier. Be careful close to the glacier as big and small rocks can come rolling and jumping down across the glacier. Return the same way as you came. If the weather has been cloudy and you have not seen Mount Shkhara on the way towards the glacier, you can check if the the veil of clouds over the Mount Shkhara has lifted on the way back. Sometimes Shkhara reveals her unique beauty for a minute or two.

Svaneti Ushguli Shakara Glacier

Svaneti Ushguli Shakara Glacier
near Chvibiani, Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti (Georgia) by metnux
Elevation Profile
Walking distance: 11.18 mi. - 18 km.

Elevation min: 2113 meters max: 2600 meters
Uphill: 537 meters down: 537 meters
Type: Loop
Svaneti Ushguli Shakara Glacier

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  • mynd af ziad abboud

    ziad abboud 17.8.2019

    I have followed this trail  staðfest  View more

    Easy trail to do, thank you

  • mynd af marco kemp

    marco kemp 9.2.2020

    Is it advisable to do it in April?

You can or this trail