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nálægt Baratz, Sardegna (Italia)

Easy hike between beach, dunes and the only natural lake in Sardinia, Lago Baratz. You will find signs with maps of the area in various places along the route.
The hike starts at the Porto Ferro beach parking lot. This beautiful beach is on a bay with rocks on either side with three ancient towers watching the bay. It is backed up by dunes (nature reserve). There was quite a surf on the day we were there, and we were warned for strong currents on the south side when we went swimming. Towards the north side there seemed to be an (unofficial) nudist beach. You walk the entire length of the beach and then walk up the rocks to the Torre Bianca. Here you have a nice view towards Torre Negra and another small beach. Then you enter an unpaved sandy forest road which you walk down for 1.8 km to get to a parking lot (Via dei Fenicotteri). Here you walk down a trail to the lake. There is a trail around the entire circumference of the lake and this track includes only the west side. You can opt to turn left at the lake and hike the trail clockwise which adds about 4.5 km to the hike. You exit the trail along the lake on the southern point and cross the Via dei Fenicotteri and take another unpaved road through the dunes back towards the beach. The dunes are covered with pine trees. After about 1.4 km fields open up on the left side, and after 2.2. km you turn right and head back to the parking lot.
There is a bar at the beach, but it was not open during our hike. There are no other bars or restaurants en-route.

Dune Road

This unpaved sandy road takes you from Via dei Fenicotteri back to the beach. You walk through dunes covered in pines, and about halfway fields open up on the right side of the road.

Forest Road

This unpaved sandy forest road takes you from the beach to a parking lot on the Via dei Fenicotteri. Is is largely in the woods, although during the first 800 m you have a good view of the maquis and mountains on the left.

Lago Baratz

The only natural lake in Sardinia, Lago Baratz

Porto Ferro Beach

Beautiful beach on a large bay with rock outcrops on both sides.

Torre Bianca

One of the ancient towers watching the bay.


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