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Uploaded 15. maí 2014

Recorded maí 2014

403 m
378 m
16,64 km

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nálægt Midwest City, Oklahoma (United States)

This is the full Stanley Draper Loop. Starting on the Green trail head and taking each new trail when you get to it. The order to Green -> Blue -> Red -> Green -> Orange -> Green -> Yellow.

This is an easy hike, but the length would make it moderate for some people. There is basically no where to sit on the trail and there is no water. The foilage is a little thin, so there is more sun than a lot of walks through the woods.

The trails are very well maintained and easy to follow, and are one-way only. I would say the full loop is easy to lite-moderate for a bike, except Red. I haven't biked Red yet, but it seemed like it would be difficult on a bike.


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